At the Arms Room in Dickinson, Texas, We take safety very seriously. We have instructors who have over 80 years of experience combined. Check out our LTC page as well to get more detailed information about getting a License. Register for classes here or on the events and classes page.

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Cindy Scott is not only a firearms instructor here at The Arms Room, but she also leads our Loaded Ladies of The Arms Room, ladies only group, that meets monthly. If that isn’t enough, she is also a facilitator for League City’s AGAG (A Girl and A Gun) chapter. Cindy takes several firearms courses to keep her firearms knowledge fresh and up to date. Within the past 6 years she’s completed serveal courses she’s earned several credentials such as; NRA pistol, rifle, shotgun and CCW instructor. As well as, NRA Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Texas DPS Certified License To Carry Instructor, Massad Ayoob Deadly Force Instructor, Rangemaster Pistol Instructor & Advanced Pistol Instructor, Defense Training International (DTI) Certified Instructor, Chuck Haggard Pepper Spray Instructor (Non-LEO), Certified Glock Armorer, Certified Glock Operator (Level 1), A Girl & A Gun Certified Trainer, A Girl & A Gun Certified Instructor, and A Girl & A Gun Certified Range Safety Officer.

Brian Mobley

Brian Mobley has been teaching The Arms Room LTC courses for the past 5 years. He became a certified LTC instructor back in 2009. He also has completed several combat shooting, and tactical carbine courses. For the past 20 years Brian has been into competitive shooting. So much so, that he became a GSSF admin 8 years ago. Brian is a certified NRA pistol instructor, chief range safety officer, and certified to train personal protection inside and outside of the home. Most recently Brian completed the Texas DPS School Safety, other wise known as Guardian Instructor, program.

Tom Estep

Our 5-star instructor, Tom Estep, has 50+ years of shooting and instruction experience, and has been teaching The Arms Room’s LTC courses for the past 10 years. Tom got his start with shooting competitively in 1968. In 1970 Tom started teaching skeet and trap shooting. In 1971 Tom became certified to teach Hunters Education. 1995 Tom became a certified concealed handgun instructor, and for the past 10 years Tom has been TCHS shooting team instructor. Tom enjoys the feeling of teaching and training his students how to shoot correctly, and safely.

Kinny Lee

Born in Hong Kong, China. Kinny immigrated to the US at a young age and has been a Texan all his life.  Kinny understand the importance of the Second Amendment, and he has been training from various self-defense and firearms instructors for the last 15 years. Kinny is also an NRA certified pistol instructor as well as a Texas License to Carry instructor since 2011.

Spencer Frink

Spencer Frink has taught at The Arms Room for nearly three years in addition to serving as a Range Safety Officer. Spencer began learning how to shoot early on with shotguns and .22 caliber rifles as a child. He enjoyed hunting with his father and uncle in the Arizona desert for quail. After graduating high school, he joined the US Navy for seven years. His military occupation was an AWS crewman. His main focus was Combat Search and Rescue or CSAR. They were tasked with rescuing pilots from the water, and when in country, anyone who needed help overland. They frequently were tasked with Medical Evacuations (MEDEVACs) of the wounded and providing support fire from crew served machine guns during Call for Fires (CFF.) Spencer served in 3 deployments and on multiple detachments in his seven years with the US Navy. As he progressed in his career, his was given collateral duties as a Door Gunner Instructor and a Small Arms Instructor. This is where he cut his teeth on teaching students how to safely shoot for basic marksmanship or for tactical application. Spencer left the Navy with an Honorable Discharge and jumped right into education where he majored Criminal Justice and minored in Intelligence and National Security Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso. While in school, he was able to work with the United States Marshal Service for a year. On top of his military career, Spencer has worked in multiple facets of the Security Industry. Finally, Spencer is a lifelong martial artist; from wrestling in high school, boxing and jiu-jitsu in the military, to fighting MMA title fights in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Louisiana.