The World’s Most Expensive Gun: Real And Toy

There is a gun company in the U.S. called Cabot Guns, which creates exclusive weapons that look more like works of art than guns. This time, however, the guys from Cabot Guns outdid themselves by creating a pair of guns made of meteorite iron.

The Colt 1911 Gibeon – The Most Expensive Because Of The Material

The guns were made using iron from the Gibeon meteorite that fell to Earth half a million years ago. The Colt 1911, one of the most famous and mass-produced pistols in the world, which was famous for its reliability and high firing characteristics, was chosen as the pattern for the weapon.

The Colt 1911 Gibeon
The Colt 1911 Gibeon


The pistols, however, are not entirely made of meteorite. The return spring, barrel, and some other small parts are made from more suitable materials. Otherwise, the guns would have been too unreliable and could have failed after the first shots.

Interestingly, all the other parts were not cast from the meteorite, but literally milled from it. In this way, the creators sought to preserve the structure of the metal.

No less interesting is the fact that a pair of “colts” are mirror copies of each other, i.e. designed for right and left hands. However, hardly anyone would dare to fire guns that cost 4.5 million dollars. Nevertheless, the creators of Big Bang (which is how they called a pair of “colts”) claim that their creations perfectly shoot and are in no way inferior to the original pistols.  Moreover, the pistols themselves come with 30 cartridges of the same meteorite bullets.

The single action Colt, with which Sheriff Pat Garrett shot the gunslinger on July 14, 1881 – The Most Expensive Gun In The World

It’s been 140 years since a bullet from this six-shot Colt struck the Wild West’s most notorious outlaw in the heart. Billy the Kid was killed instantly.

The single action Colt
The single action Colt


Now the single action Colt, with which Sheriff Pat Garrett shot the gunslinger on July 14, 1881, has been auctioned in Los Angeles (USA). For fabulous 6.03 million dollars (5.1 million euros) – record!  At 17, Billy the Kid shot his first of at least eight victims: a blacksmith in a saloon in Bonita. The most notorious gunslinger of the Wild West lived to be only 21 years old.

According to auction house “Bonhams” it is the highest sum ever paid for a firearm. Experts had estimated the value at two to three million dollars.

Who bought weapon?

During the auction of the historical weapon in the USA numerous bids have been made from the hall and also by phone. It is not known who finally bought the revolver. Besides the revolver, a whole collection of other weapons, documents and Wild West memorabilia went under the hammer.

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For example, a double-barreled shotgun that Billy the Kid used to kill an overseer during his escape. The gun fetched a price of about $978,000. A pocket watch made in honor of the bison hunter Buffalo Bill sold for $14,000.

Titangold Desert Eagle in .440 Cor-Bon – Also Pretty Expensive

This is an advanced pistol that costs about $5,000 to $7,500. The Desert Eagle features a large frame and powerful recoil.

Designed by Magnum Research and Israeli Military Industries, the Desert Eagle is a gas-powered pistol currently produced in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express.

Titangold Desert Eagle
Titangold Desert Eagle


  • However, a few hundred Desert Eagles were produced with a titanium gold finish and chambered in the rare .440 Cor-Bon cartridge.
  • The .50 Cor-Bon was developed by necking down a .44 AE cartridge to the .440 caliber and is more powerful than the .50 AE and the .44 Magnum, while producing less recoil than the .50 AE.
  • However, the .440 Cor-Bon never really caught on with shooters, so very few Desert Eagles were produced in this caliber.
  • For this reason, these pistols are very rare and highly sought after by gun collectors around the world.

The Most Expensive Water Gun In The World

You’ll win every water fight with expensive high-tech toy!

Spyra One – The Winner!

The water gun with USB-C port and digital display easily hits targets at a distance of 15 meters and refills itself within 10 seconds at the push of a button.

Spyra One
Spyra One


At first glance, the “Spyra One” stands out compared to other water guns, especially due to its size and weight. With a length of 62 centimeters and a weight of 2.5 kilograms, the device makes quite an impression.

The high-end water gun “Spyra One” is offered in the two colors blue and red. The special features of the “Spyra One” include the shooting range of up to 14 meters, the automatic refill and the battery and water tank display.

The modern housing offers enough space for the electric pump as well as the 2,000 mAh battery and can be refilled up to 50 times with one battery charge, which corresponds to around 1,200 shots. Thanks to the electric pump, there is no need for any manual work with the “Spyra One”; the water pistol offers the maximum pressure of 2.4 bar at all times and is permanently ready to fire.

The “Spyra One” offers different types of shots. In addition to normal shots with a maximum range of 12 meters, the high-end water gun also offers so-called power shots. This means that even opponents at a distance of 14 meters are no longer safe.

Spyra One or Spyra Two?

Spyra One or Spyra Two
Spyra One or Spyra Two


The new Spyra Two fires faster, has twice the battery life, the pump is now much quieter – and this time the water guns, are available to order directly, with no pre-ordering or waiting. The first copies were sold out very quickly, but there are currently some available again on the Spyra website.

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The only drawback, at least on paper, is the lower capacity of 20 shots compared to the 25 of its predecessor… and the price of 150€. You can still load up three single shots at a time to fire 3 powerful shots at your friends, or you can fire a larger shot that can reach up to 14 meters if you aim at a 45 degree angle and have no headwind. In a good wind, the Spyra will probably manage a few meters more.

Here’s a quick comparison of the specs:

Specification Spyra One Spyra Two
Capacity 25 shots 20 shots
Reloading time (time after 3 shots/ 1 power shot to build up new pressure) 1.5 seconds 1.1 seconds
Effective range 9 meters 10 meters
Maximum range 12 meters 14 meters
Refill time (time to fill water tank) 14 seconds 12 seconds
Tank size 750ml 600ml
Battery life 35 refills /1125 shots 90 refills / 2000 shots
Charging time 6 hours 4.5 hours

The Most Expensive Paintball Gun (Paintball Marker)

The paintball marker or marker is the main piece of equipment or playing equipment in paintball. In the marker, a highly compressed gas is used to accelerate the paintball in the barrel. The paintball is usually a gelatin ball filled mainly with food coloring and polyethylene glycol[1] and is sometimes referred to as “paint” by players.


Paintball Marker
Paintball Marker

The term marker derives from the original use of the marker, which was the marking or “tagging” of trees by forestry workers and of grazing cattle by livestock herders.




The new Luxe TM40 is the new marker from Luxe and it is equipped with the latest and best technology. The name TM40 is derived from Tim Montressor’s player number 40, to whom this marker is dedicated. In addition to a modified exterior, the Luxe TM40 impresses with its inner values.

Behind the TM40’s core update is a redesigned bolt kit, featuring an enlarged pressure chamber that reduces operating pressure to the lowest level of any Luxe, an optimised internal geometry for an improved closing pattern, and the latest generation of the renowned ICE coating that ensures a near-silent interaction between the bolt kit components. Internally, the flow openings have been enlarged to deliver more air to the shot faster. The response of the bolt kit has been improved by redesigning the spool valve.

Price: $2,100

The TM40 is offered in the familiar electric version as well as a new mechanical version. The QEV in the bolt kit helps both versions achieve top performance. Tim Montressor has driven product development at DLX Technology.

He has been instrumental in taking the Luxe brand to the top of the industry and onto the podium. The Luxe TM40 is the last Luxe® that he was instrumental in developing. We are proud that it will carry on his legacy and the TM40 nickname.

The Most Expensive Airsoft Gun

The Most Expensive Airsoft Gun
The Most Expensive Airsoft Gun


Airsoft is a relatively new shooting sport, where two or more teams take on each other in different game modes. Unlike paintball, airsoft emphasizes realism. Thus, airsoft guns are also called replicas, as they are identical in appearance and use to real weapons. Also the equipment of Airsoft players is indistinguishable from real military uniforms. For this reason, airsoft is also considered a ‘combat simulation’ and is even so realistic that it is used by police and military for training purposes. The difference with real weapons is that these replicas fire small, innocent 6mm balls (bb’s) instead of real ammunition. The sport consists of different disciplines, including target shooting, course shooting and skirmen.

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A&K Airsoft MK46 Softair LMG AEG, Nylon ‘Upgrade’ Version

Brand A&K
Caliber 6
Air pistol drive type Electric

Price: $491

Anonymous customer review:
4.0 out of 5 stars If you order this product, you must also order the battery because it is unfortunately not included. What I like about this gun is that it is almost all metal and it is heavy for a softair/airsoft gun!

The Most Expensive Nerf Gun In The World

In recent years, it has become very fashionable to play with Nerf toy guns, if you listen to it, most children would recognize perfectly which guns we are talking about. They are toy guns made of plastic with foam or foam-rubber darts that have revolutionized the market and in fact, Nerf stands for “non-expansive recreational foam”.

The Most Expensive Nerf Gun In The World
The Most Expensive Nerf Gun In The World


This line of Nerf toys was invented in the United States by Parker Brothers back in 1969, began as a polyurethane ball safe to play inside and has evolved over the years to become fashionable among children today.

Within the Nerf guns we can find a wide variety of items, from dart guns of all shapes and designs, through a line of bows and crossbows to water guns and all kinds of accessories (bullets, darts, masks) to accompany the Nerf guns and make the games much more fun.

Nerf Hyper Mach 100 – Big But Not Really Expensive

While other blasters feature battery-powered mechanisms, this takes things to the next level. In addition to rounds that fire at 110 feet per second, it provides huge, easy-to-reload ammo hoppers to help you stay in the game longer. Tactical rails also leave you room to store additional rounds.

Nerf Hyper Mach 100
Nerf Hyper Mach 100


Basically, this is more of an adult Nerf blaster for tournament and Nerf Arena play. If you want a good all-rounder to get you through such intense competition, the Mach 100 is an excellent choice, but not the most expensive.

N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 – Average Price: $600: The Most Expensive Nerf In The World

The N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 is one of the rarest Nerf guns if you are looking for one that is still in the box and in pristine condition. As the name suggests, it is a sniper rifle dart blaster, the longest when it was released in 2010. There was even a barrel extension for longer distances and an up-facing sight for better accuracy. It has a range of 35 feet.

N-Strike Longstrike CS-6
N-Strike Longstrike CS-6


Unlike other blasters, this one did not perform as planned due to its ‘bolt action’ mechanism, which was difficult to use and prone to malfunctions that annoyed many players. Because of this, it had a short life on the market, but it also made it the most expensive nerf gun in the world from a collector’s point of view, which has raised its value to a good $600 today.


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