Basic Pistol Core Concept

PRICE: $150

The core concepts of safety, recoil management, and marksmanship are ever present in the pistol platform for firearm owners. Our students will learn how to handle this tool correctly while adhering to the Universal Firearm Safety Laws. Students will also learn the proper method of clearing and inspecting a firearm to understand whether its loaded or not. The fundamentals of the Cycle of Operation are discussed in addition to the proper loading and unloading of firearms and their respective magazines. Once administrative procedures are done, the students move to the practical side of instruction. They learn the correct stance, presentation, and grip for the pistol to enhance recoil management to their respective platforms. The final portion of instruction is the marksmanship controls such as; Sight Picture/Sight Alignment, Trigger Press, Trigger Control, Breath Control, and Follow Through. These controls are utilized to manage barrel sway and decrease target grouping size. The class will finish with a live-fire exercise, drilling the concepts learned in the lecture side of the instruction.

Required Gear:

·      Eye/Ear Protection (provided)

·      Pistol (provided)

·      100 Rounds of 9mm (not provided)

·      Targets (provided)

Duration: 2.5 hours