9mm Rental Pistols

We have a large selection of revolvers, pistols and rifles for rent at THE ARMS ROOM. The cost to rent a revolver/pistol is $10.00.  The cost to rent a rifle is $15.00. The cost to rent a full-auto rifle is $20.00. For a fee of $25.00, you can rent as many pistols as you would like. If you do rent a firearm from THE ARMS ROOM, you must use ammunition purchased from THE ARMS ROOM (no exceptions). Rentals are not calculated on an hourly basis, however, range fees are. Rental firearms will not leave the building and all full-auto rifle rentals must be accompanied onto the range by an ARMS ROOM employee. All firearm rentals may not be available at all times. We do clean them on a regular basis and they do occasionally need to be repaired. If you have any questions regarding our firearm rental policies or our rental firearms, please feel free to contact us at 832-226-5252.